TimeOut Chicago: Order in the House

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Author: Korey Karnes and Annie Tomlin
Issue No. 3
Page no. 37

What’s the biggest mistake people make when trying to get organized?

People don’t have enough time to finish the project because they don’t accurately estimate the time it will take to really clean out a whole room. They end up pulling everything out of their closet or cupboards, then running out of time and leaving everything in big piles on the floor.

How and where should someone get started?

No matter what room you decide to tackle first, pull everything out and put it in a big pile in the center of the room. There’s no way you can get organized unless you can see everything. Dive that big pile into smaller piles, and examine your stash. This is when people finally realize that they have 10 green sweaters or eight wine openers. Finally, figure out which items you use the most. Then put those back in the most prime real estate in your cupboards or closet.

What is the secret to an organized closet?

Get your seasonal stuff out of the way. Put it under the bed or up high in the closet. It’s all about the frequency of use. Everyday clothes should be in the prime real estate space in your closet.

How should people store their shoes?

Never waste a door. Put all your everyday shoes on a rack on the inside of your closet door. Put all your dressy shoes in clear shoes boxes under your bed or up high in your closet. Put all your casual shoes like sneakers or flip-flops in a basket at the bottom of your closet. Then things don’t look so messy.

What about paperwork and bills?

Create a daily system. The key is to have a trash can next to your mail box or in front of your door. Immediately throw away junk mail-don’t even take it inside your house. For the other mail, throw everything in a big basket and go through it when you have time.

Can a disorganized person become organized?

Of course. People say they don’t have enough time to get organized, but in reality when you lose your keys or can’t find your shoes, you waste so much extra time. Even if you’re really busy, it’s important to realize that once you’re organized, you will save time and energy in the long run. The hardest part for everyone is getting started.